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Cloud8 secures more great deals for BEAM at Work™ subscribers

We are pleased to confirm that we have secured two new offerings for our clients and their end clients using BEAM at Work™. Key Solutions Mortgage Advice and Nest General Insurance are now available for our advisers to offer to their subscribers as free-of-charge schemes.


Mortgage advice from Key Solutions

Award-winning mortgage advisers Key Solutions do things differently, and that’s why we’ve chosen them to deliver this benefit for us. Alongside their 25 years of trusted experience, they’re not tied into the big banks, so they have access to hundreds of different lenders and thousands of different rates. As well as leading advice and access to great rates, clients’ can track the progress of their case through their online client portal and they also get covered by Key Solutions unique 100% mortgage guarantee.


Nest General Insurance

As our homes are most likely going to be the most expensive thing we will ever own, it is important they are properly protected. The team at Nest is here to make sure employees have the right insurance, so they won’t be out of pocket should their home or its contents need repairing or replacing as the result of damage or theft.

Whether an employee’s current cover is up for renewal, they are moving home or haven’t reviewed cover for a while, they are now able to get in touch with Nest for complete home insurance advice, thanks to the Cloud8 partnership.


As employee benefit experts, the value we bring to our clients is technology combined with the engagement tools to help you offer something truly powerful to your clients. 

We will continue to build on our BRIDGE offering through BEAM at Work™ to keep bringing great benefits at great rates to all of our subscribers. Find out more about BEAM at Work™ here or get in touch with us here.