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About Cloud8

Cloud8 came to life when a group of employee benefits experts had a fantastic idea: to create a better, simpler, more modern way of delivering reward packages for clients.

We took our vast experience – and the growing frustration in the market at the lack of helpful technology – and distilled them into an original, intuitive, digital platform: BEAM at WorkTM.

Today, BEAM at WorkTM is being used nationwide by EBCs, intermediaries and advisers who want to transform the way they work.

As well as helping an ever-growing number of customers to get the best out of our software, the Cloud8 team is busy dreaming up new digital ideas with the power to disrupt the world of work, enriching and improving the employee experience.

Digital benefits for a digital world

Based on our experience, if you’re not working digitally, you might not be working effectively.

Hence our mission: To provide digital benefits for a digital world.

What could the future look like?

  • Enhanced connectivity with complementary HR and provider systems for a seamless HR and EBC experience.
  • Integrated and sophisticated communications tools for the creation of compelling employee engagement strategies – so you reap the rewards of enhanced benefit take-up.
  • The next generation Total Reward Statement – an exciting, interactive tool to support your customers and their end-users.
  • Global roll-out, creating a worldwide community of digital benefits providers and users.
The digital world doesn’t stand still. Creativity and collaboration are essential, so we’ll work closely with you as we evolve to take your business to the next level.
We’ve placed User Experience at the heart of our software - creating the perfect employee journey.
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Ian Rummels,
CEO - Cloud8
Cloud 8 offers a fast-paced and dynamic working environment, always looking for the next challenge. The culture is fun, caring and supportive.
Jackie Smith,
HR - Cloud8
In a world where a digital presence is no longer a want, but a need, 
BEAM at WorkTM makes this a reality.
Simply Health,
Partner Provider