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Build a better
employee experience

At Cloud8 we provide an intuitive cloud platform to corporate advisors. We are improving the employee experience through affordable digital benefits, excellent support, reporting and communications – previously out of reach for SME clients.

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Your digital solution

We have created a truly original way of delivering employee benefits online.

The affordable, smart, employee benefits platform is available to advisors today – built by employee benefits experts, for employee benefits experts.

Meet BEAM at Work™

Streamlined processes

Save time and money with reduced benefit administration. Our cloud-based, mobile technology automates your day-to-day tasks, creating end of month efficiencies, enhancing security and reducing risk

Client satisfaction

Deliver a better client and employee experience. Strengthen your reputation and improve current relationships with intuitive software that elevates your service to a new level

Grow your business

Transform the way you do business to win new clients. Our stylish, accessible employee benefits platform for advisors can accelerate your business growth, generating more revenue and cross-selling opportunities

Better decision- making

Evaluate performance with data at your fingertips. Sophisticated management information provides quality information that helps you make better service and commercial decisions
We chose Cloud8 because of the simple, templated approach offered by the system. The platform is intuitive, engaging and secure – everything we need for our clients.
Stephanie Windsor, Partner - One Pension Consultancy