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The evolution of Employee Benefit Technology

Technology has come a long way in the past few years alone, and we all know the important role it plays in day-to-day ‘business life,' whether it be for growth or driving efficiencies and service. We also know just how good the tech in our personal lives can be compared to what we experience in the office.

Technology has come on leaps and bound through the pandemic –  trends that were beginning to emerge, such as using our computers and phones for medical appointments rather than attending in person, have been accelerated, remote GP appointments spiked by 527% in 2020*.

However, workplace employee benefits technology is a key area that has not moved at the same pace as the tech we use in our personal lives, with costs and complexity often cited as barriers to change.  Ensuring businesses offer the correct benefits is one thing (54% of employees believe that their current workplace benefits need to be re-evaluated due to the increase in remote working, according to research by Blackhawk Network) but many also need to address how accessible those benefits are to their employees, bringing digital benefits to a digital world to ensure they’re valued.

That’s where Cloud8 comes in.

Over a year into the pandemic and the changes it has brought, we’ve all had to find tech-savvy ways – whilst keeping costs lean – to keep in touch with clients or employees and keep engagement levels with benefits high. Technology has become much more familiar in the Employee Benefits space, with so many of us working from home, and now is the time to look into digitising more than just our meetings.

We’re changing the way technology is used to deliver workplace benefits – maximising accessibility, engagement and take up by delivering a consumer-grade digital experience to employers and their employees, via their corporate advisors.

Companies are looking for admin-cutting technology and support, which facilitates streamlined best practice. As an advisor you need a solution that reduces admin time to warrant the initial investment; keeps employee data safe and secure; complies with GDPR; and enables you to quickly draw down reports and MI insights. A solution which goes beyond flex platforms (often seen as expensive and clunky for all but the largest of employers) and  allows you to tap into the SME market!

Cloud8 has a proven track record of delivering smart, intuitive, and simple solutions to employee benefit consultants and corporate advisers, for you to provide to businesses throughout the UK. Our BEAM at Work™ platform allows advisors to build a benefits interface for their client in minutes, offering a cost-effective solution to digital benefits. Cloud8 supports advisors with employer communications too, for super-slick on-boarding and further up-selling opportunities. Being cloud-based and fully scalable, it’s a solution for businesses of all sizes, making it a game-changer for corporate advisers looking to access new markets.

What’s more, the buying power of Cloud8 has allowed us to negotiate preferential rates with numerous suppliers and perk schemes – meaning, not only do you now have access to digital benefits, but also the opportunity to provide great schemes at great rates.


Find out more about how Cloud8 is supporting advisers and employers in making benefits digital here