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Retaining your clients

As new business deals slow down throughout the pandemic, keeping hold of clients is as important as ever, so it’s worth considering the following.

Communication with clients is paramount to help them not only see the value you bring, but the value the employees see with their benefits. Companies spend time picking and choosing the right packages for their teams to go ignored or worse, under valued – It’s important to educate clients on communicating in the right way to make staff feel valued.

To keep engagement up, accessing and understanding schemes needs to be simple – the UK workforce is bringing in more and more millennials, and they are from the digital age. If it’s not accessible or digestible within seconds, they don’t care – and that’s bad for business.

How to remedy these issues? You need a tool that helps employees access, digest and value their benefits being offered which in turn keeps employers happy and if you’re on the ball – opens up some cross-selling revenues…

BEAM at Work™ is our SaaS platform which houses all of your clients’ benefits, online, in a beautifully simple, intuitive dashboard which the market responds to. It offers the right level of information for all to digest, is available on the go via the cloud and even comes white-labelled.

The cherry on top is down to the communication aspect, we’ll help you tailor comms to employers so they onboard their employees the right way and start engaging with their schemes. Report on trends you find to open up revenue options, if the majority of staff are buying gym vouchers, why not bring in a cycle to work scheme?

For out more on how BEAM would work for you, check out our video here or book a demo in the diary here.