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How BEAM was born

If you can order a pizza on your phone, why can't you upgrade your critical illness cover, or add your spouse to your medical insurance in the same way?

After all, it’s much more important, especially if you or a family member becomes unwell and can’t work!

Inspired by the rapid growth of companies embracing digital transformation such as Uber, Airbnb and Monzo bank, Cloud8 felt there should be a digital solution that would enable employees to choose and upgrade their benefits quickly and easily – on their phone, laptop or PC.

Technology for corporate advisers

The technology available in the employee benefits market has a long set-up cycle, making it clunky and expensive. As a result, many UK employers don’t have technology at all, which means that HR processes are time-consuming, paper-based and error-prone. They also fail to engage with end-users – employees.

We felt there had to be a better solution to serve the UK workforce, so we developed a software system for employee benefits advisers and intermediaries to roll out to their clients. Through intermediaries, we can reach many businesses and their employees to deliver a modern, intuitive benefits experience in keeping with the digital age.

The result? BEAM at WorkTM, a cloud-based, mobile-friendly employee benefits platform, as easy for advisers to configure as it is for employees to use.