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Flex vs Digital Benefits

Let's quickly clear something up... Flexible Benefits vs Digital, what’s what?

Flexible Benefits – so last year!

This is a term many consider a little out of date now. Its origins, 20 years ago, suggested flexibility once a year; a flex pot or fund, some core & voluntary options and a bit of salary sacrifice peppered into the mix – allowing employees to swap and change benefit and pensions from a funded level. Flex platforms tend to be over-complicated, clunky and for most businesses, a very expensive option. The availability to smaller companies is limited (non-existent) due to being priced out and when implemented, in some cases, it can fail to deliver.


Today, we bring you Digital Benefits

Employers recognise that employees have a diverse range of needs and at different stages in their life – flex can be limiting. Digital Benefits are all about moving what you now offer via HR, Intranets, and paper forms – to one simple, accessible place online.

It’s easy – Digital Benefits are designed to be accessed quickly and easily, without taking months to set-up and costing the earth. It’s affordable, easy to setup & run, and just works!


BEAM at Work™

The intuitive portal which allows employees to learn about the available benefits and manage their own selections, while giving HR teams to access management information. Frustrated by the clunky, outdated and expensive technology available to you? So were we! That’s why we set about developing a flexible, modern, cloud-based alternative that truly delivers the experience which you, and your clients, deserve. Watch the video here