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Five reasons for employee benefits advisors to go digital

The digital revolution shows no signs of slowing down. As businesses embrace our 24/7 digital culture with incredible results, isn’t it time employee benefits, pensions and reward advisers joined in? If you’re in doubt, here are some compelling reasons.

  1. Employers (clients) are weary of the time-consuming headache when it comes to paper-based employee benefits administration. They struggle to evaluate the success of a benefits scheme without instant access to valuable employee take-up data.
  2. Often employees don’t engage with their benefits simply because they don’t know about them, or don’t get enough digital reminders. It’s a missed opportunity to ensure that they understand what their employer provides and how it could support their families.
  3. Employees are hungry for digital delivery. There are thousands of tech-savvy workers who want to update their life assurance or health cover as easily as they can order a pizza on their phone. If protecting our health and our families is far more important, shouldn’t it be just as easy?
  4. The recent mass move to remote, online working during the Covid-19 pandemic makes the case for digital benefits with integrated communications even stronger. Employees need digital access to benefits that will improve their wellbeing, wherever they are at a time that suits them.
  5. Thanks to affordable, secure, cloud-based technology, advisors can now create a client employee benefits website in a few hours, without needing to be technical experts, for an inexpensive subscription. No costly IT infrastructure needed.

If you’re an advisor, don’t be tempted to think, ‘but we’re not IT specialists.’ This new breed of benefits software is easy to adopt and offers the end-user a simple, accessible window onto a wealth of choice. It’s mobile-friendly and available 24/7, catering for the needs and expectations of today’s clients and their employees.

Any advisors failing to embrace digital benefits and reward may lose out to their more adventurous competitors. Don’t be a technophobe – really, there’s no good reason NOT to go digital.