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Cloud8 wins Rising Stars award

We’re delighted to announce that Cloud8 is a regional winner in Tech Nation’s Rising Stars competition! We've had an amazing year and this is a great note to end on.

Our flagship product, BEAM at WorkTM, is cloud-based software which showcases employee benefits on a simple, people-friendly, intuitive platform. Our vision is digital employee benefits for a digital world – we want to give employees across the UK greater access to their benefits 24/7, from their phone, laptop or PC. So far 2020 has actually helped us make the case for digital benefits and seen us grow dramatically.

About the award

The Rising Stars judges have clearly recognised our achievement. Now in its third year, Rising Stars is the UK’s only national early-stage tech scaleup competition. It’s designed to help the most exciting early-stage tech companies take their business to the next level and become the world-leading tech companies of the future. The winners have been selected by a panel of industry experts who are regarded as tech leaders within their respective regions.

Why we entered

We entered the competition because we wanted to demonstrate to a wider audience just how well our solution meets the needs of the modern workplace. Technology is the future for the employee benefits industry. Harnessing the power of cloud computing and offering our product through advisers and intermediaries is the way to bring digital benefits to the masses.

We believe Cloud8 has blazed a trail in bringing digital transformation to the employee benefits industry. Our software and its smart subscription model give advisers the chance to revolutionise the way they do business, while clients (employers) and employees will enjoy a dramatically improved benefits experience. Everyone wins – so we felt we deserved a win too!

“I’m very proud to have been recognised by the Rising Stars awards,” said Cloud8 founder and CEO Ian Rummels. “Cloud8 has gone from strength to strength in the last year with exciting product upgrades and a rapidly growing client base, so this is a real testament to our hard work. I passionately believe that simple, modern, digital benefits software delivered through forward thinking corporate advisers is the future for the employee benefits industry. Clearly our clients think so too, but it’s great to have further validation from tech industry experts.”

How has our region helped us?

As a digital business our clients come from all over the country, but there’s no doubt that being in the South West is a bonus. Bristol and the surrounding area is a vibrant, forward-thinking business community. Our local clients and benefit providers have been quick to embrace our vision, while local suppliers have supported us with rapid, creative solutions. Our product development has been supported by excellent partnerships with local businesses. We’ve also doubled in headcount in the first year thanks to an amazing pool of local talent.

Next year Cloud8 will automatically be entered to the Rising Stars national semi-final, giving us the chance to become the country’s top tech start-up. We have an exciting year ahead with an evolving product roadmap and ambitious grown plans – we look forward to adding this next stage of the competition to our list of challenges!