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Cloud8 partners with Untangl

We partner with Untangl for rapid and intelligent data onboarding for our digital employee benefits, BEAM at Work™

Cloud8, the digital employee benefits platform provider, has partnered with Untangl to enable clients to intelligently transform external employer and employee data without manual intervention. 

All advisers subscribing to Cloud8’s platform will now have access to Untangl’s data conversion technology, which automatically checks data uploads to the platform, fixes input errors, and replaces manual work with instant cleansed data. 

We know digital employee benefits has traditionally been out of reach and budget for many SME’s and Cloud8’s aim is to enable advisers, intermediaries and EBCs to provide intelligent, affordable digital benefits to their clients, and their clients’ employees.

But alongside budgetary barriers, we also understand that employers providing employee benefit schemes have a mass of data sources to grapple with. There may be multiple providers and systems in play from HR and payroll, alongside inconsistent data. Often benefit platforms need data in a preset format.

Our BEAM at Work™ platform is already demonstrating that there’s a secure, cost-effective way for all organisations – regardless of size & budget. And by partnering with Untangl we’re showing that data doesn’t need to be the headache that prevents companies from transitioning away from ineffective paper-based communications to a digital system that matches 21st century - and post-pandemic - expectations for the way we all access information and services.
Dipa Mistry-Kandola
Client Strategy Director
Millions of hours are wasted on moving data between systems and it’s dull repetitive work, often performed by highly skilled people. We are culturally aligned with Cloud8 in the belief that it’s high time this unnecessary drain on morale and productivity was curbed.

Our Untangler technology instantly transforms any external data to internal standards, removing the need of checking and reformatting by humans.”
Richard Stewart
Co-Founder & CEO

About Untangl 

Launched in 2015 by a team of insurance and employee benefits experts, their technology, Untangler®,  intelligently recognises and transforms inconsistent external data, replicating administration tasks that are traditionally carried out by humans, saving time and eliminating the risk of errors. 


If you are interested in finding out more about how you can use your data through Untangl and the BEAM at Work™ platform, please do get in touch by clicking below.