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Cloud8 launch new client, Compass

An exciting step forward in the digital benefits world for employee benefits and wealth management consultants, Compass.


Compass have partnered with us in order to provide their new digital benefits platform. Our intuitive, and simple solution, BEAM at Work™, will allow Compass advisors to build a benefits interface for their corporate clients, offering a simplistic and cost-effective online solution to support consulting services. Digital benefits and flex offerings have previously been out of reach for a number of SME-sized advisors and their clients, but our more affordable, cloud-based solution makes it a game-changer for corporate advisors like Compass when looking to access new markets.

As well as the benefits a system like this brings to Compass, the perks for their client’s employees are significant. Users will reap the rewards with the ability to access all their benefits on the go and all in one handy place through the platform. Efficiencies can be seen immediately when updating their personal information, finding out more regarding their schemes – all whilst minimising internal conversations with HR, thanks to real-time protection and insurance quotes being calculated instantly within the system.

At Cloud8 we have also developed a strong collective buying power in the provider marketplace, this now allows us to negotiate and pass on preferential rates for benefit and perk schemes. For Compass, this move not only opens them up to offering an improved service but allows them to compete with great rates for their digital benefits.


This partnership is an exciting step forward for both Compass and Cloud8 as digital benefits are brought to the masses.


To find out more about Compass and Cloud8 or the BEAM at Work™ platform, please do get in touch at or visit