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Can corporate advisers help clients engage their employees?

It should come as no surprise that only 38% of UK employees expect to return to the office full-time after the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, recent research suggests that 75% would prefer a hybrid home/office working model.*

However, keeping employees happy from a distance isn’t always easy. Employers need to take steps to ensure that their people feel valued, motivated and positive, especially during these challenging times.

How can corporate advisers help their clients to achieve this?

Employee benefits and workplace culture

Clearly, employee benefits are a significant piece of the jigsaw. Quality products, competitive pricing and outstanding advice are going to be hugely valuable to clients. They also help to create that all-important positive culture and feeling of recognition that employees value so much.

In fact, research shows that over 33% of employees think being recognised is the most important factor in a positive culture – even more so than non-work related interaction with other colleagues.*

Recognition for a remote workforce – what’s the solution?

Offering employee benefits is a great way to become a caring, modern employer and demonstrate recognition. Let’s not forget the other key challenge though – a dispersed workforce. How do businesses engage employees with their benefits package at the best of times, never mind when they are in digital contact only?

These two factors taken together – recognition and remote working – make a strong case for all advisers to think seriously about presenting their benefits offering on a digital platform. This will literally bring benefits directly to employee screens, wherever they are – wave goodbye to endless paper forms and printed provider guides.

There’s no better solution for showcasing products in the simplest, most accessible way. The results are likely to be: increased awareness among employees, better take-up of benefits, satisfied clients and increased revenues.

Digital employee benefits – what to look out for

If you’re an adviser who is thinking about going digital, ask yourself a few key questions before investing.

  • Is the technology attractive and simple to use for clients and employees?
  • Is it easy to set up and roll out to your client base, without needing to be a technical expert?
  • Does it provide sophisticated reporting and management information?
  • Do you have access, via the platform, to preferred product providers at special rates?

Teamwork among remote workers is getting harder, a problem for many clients. Anything advisers do to help them promote a positive culture will be welcome, especially if it’s underpinned by robust, sustainable technology: BEAM at Work™, by Cloud8.



*The hidden impact of remote working, Totem