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Bringing tax advice to thousands

Cloud8 partner with EY to deliver affordable tax advice through the BEAM at Work™ platform

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with EY to bring, at no additional cost to BEAM at Work™ users, EY TaxChat™ for personal tax support with discounted rates.


The last 18 months have seen the world thrown into a time of unprecedented challenge, both for businesses and for their employees as they navigate the impacts to personal and professional areas of life. Recent HR surveys indicate that finances are high on the list of concerns, including taxes. With this in mind, we believe collaborating with EY to introduce an innovative service that supports your clients’ employees with their tax affairs is relevant more than ever.

EY TaxChat™ is an on-demand digital service that connects taxpayers to an EY tax professional, who can prepare and submit their tax return whilst answering any queries along the way. Everything can be done via mobile, tablet or desktop.

“The service was prompt, friendly and reliable. Everything was straight forward and easy to do. Thanks!”
EY TaxChat Customer

EY TaxChat™ files your tax return simply, fast and reliably. 99% of customers say EY TaxChat™ met their self-assessment filing needs.


For current Cloud8 clients, there is no cost of implementation (unless you were to choose to subsidise for employees), and through our collaboration, EY offer a discount code to any of your employees who sign up for the service.


In summary, EY TaxChat™ can help employees:

  • Get 1-1 answers to their personal tax questions from an EY tax professional
  • Navigate the changes that will impact their self-assessment filing each year, mindful of changing personal circumstances, new legislation, and the treatment of Covid-19 support payments
  • Gain confidence that they are filing accurately, claiming all allowable deductions and reliefs
  • Ensure they are not breaching the revised pension limits, which we are seeing more frequently year on year.

You can learn more about EY TaxChat™ here or contact us to arrange a live walkthrough session of the BEAM at Work™ digital employee benefits platform and our providers like EY.