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Aspire to a better way of working

At Cloud8, we love the world of work. After all, we help our clients improve life for HR teams and their people. So of course, we look after our own.

We understand what makes a company a satisfying place to work.

Talk to our people and they’ll tell you – this is somewhere you’ll feel engaged, inspired and supported to do some of the best work of your career. And, as you’d expect, we offer a very nice range of benefits too.

Cloud 8 offers a fast-paced and dynamic working environment, always looking for the next challenge. The culture is fun, caring and supportive. Quite simply put, the people are GREAT, and working here is extremely rewarding, from both a personal and professional perspective."
-Jackie Smith, Cloud8

Cloud8 Culture

What’s it like to work here? These are the values that drive us as a business and describe us as an employer.


Cloud8 is a new business with sky-high ambition. Our many years’ of success in the world of employee benefits gives us the perfect balance between energy and experience; agility and stability; curiosity and knowledge. And that, in turn, engenders huge confidence – confidence to keep growing, exploring and succeeding.


We have soaring ambitions for what our tech can achieve. We don’t want to be second best. Being ‘good’ isn’t good enough. We want to be the leading name in our sector – to set the standards that everyone else aspires to.

We’re drivers of change. We’re forward-thinkers. We’re industry pioneers.

We’re leaders.


Being open is an important part of who we are. It means…

We have a fluid structure. So, whilst you’ll always know what your responsibilities are, we don’t pigeonhole people according to their job title or level of experience.

We’re receptive to new ideas. Our CEO’s door is always open for coffee and a chat and everyone is welcome to contribute suggestions.

We’re transparent. We share updates with the whole team about progress and opportunities. In turn, that helps you feel engaged.


You’ll find there’s a collaborative, friendly feel to working at Cloud8.

Ours is an inclusive culture.

We look out for and support one another.

We value the different perspectives that each of our colleagues can bring.

We succeed as a united team.


This is just the start for Cloud8. Join us and you’ll be empowered to help us grow: to contribute your ideas and industry to develop new products, and connect with different markets.

That means huge scope to develop your skills, professionally and personally – the more we grow, the more you grow.

If you share our ambition, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

Our latest opportunities

Client / customer Support ExecutiveBristolFull Time

Skilled at software? 
Talk to us today. 

Life is moving fast at Cloud8, especially when it comes to turning tech ideas into working software.  So, if you’re a developer or engineer looking for more engaging, more rewarding work, don’t wait for a live vacancy to get in touch. 

Our existing tech is constantly being updated and improved; and there are plenty of engaging new projects in the pipeline. 

It’s a chance to work in a startup culture, but with the backing of an experienced, stable business. Yes, we’re exploring new possibilities but because we know our industry inside-out, you’ll always be working with a clear sense of direction. 

It might be that you have the skills to slot into one of our project teams straight away. Or, you could have that something different on your CV to inspire a whole new direction for us. It won’t be the first time we’ve built a new role around a particular person. 

We’d love to hear from people at all levels. If you’re new to the profession, you’ll need an enquiring mind and a ‘what-next attitude. If you’re a lead, you’ll bring us a willingness to share your knowledge coupled with creativity and commercial awareness. Beyond that, your CV could include any of the following:

Testing / Support/helpdesk / Engineering / Development PHP5+  /  LAMP stack architecture  / MySQL  / Linux  /  Apache  /   php frameworks  / Web API development  /  HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript    / Agile Scrum  / Kanban / Selenium /  Codebase

Interested? Send us your CV and an email summarising why we’re a good match for each other.

Covid-19 – how we re

When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, we were proud of the way we seamlessly moved to 100% homeworking, without compromising our service.
Testament to both the flexibility of our people and our agility as a business, we were able to quickly provide the equipment, the leadership and practical support our people needed to set themselves up at home.

Next steps

As of September 2020, we opened up the Bristol office as a hub and on a rota, in line with current government guidelines.

That said, the lockdown has given us a fresh perspective on the world of work. We’ve realised that a business is defined as much by its spirit as it is by its physical location. We know we can trust our people to deliver, wherever they are. We also recognise that everyone’s situation is different – that it’s a very personal decision on whether to come back to work. That’s why none of our staff will be urged to return to the office if they prefer not to; they can continue to work from home as admirably as they have so far.

That applies to new recruits as much as it does our existing team. If we need to hire and onboard someone remotely, we can and we will. That means that you can confidently apply to work here, however you’re dealing with Covid-19. All that matters is that you’re a good fit for our team.