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The first ever, purpose-built, employee benefit data reporting tool is now here.

Get informed and get ahead, with visibility on trends across your clients and a game-changing anonymised data pool. With comprehensive levels of information, the power is in your hands to up-sell and cross-sell effectively and with confidence. 

Product features


There is a mass of engaged employees making decisions – informed, emotional, subconsciously – and using this data in the right way could lead to a significantly improved user experience and open up broker revenue opportunities


Data needs to be digestible, we’ve ensured information is logically presented, visually pleasing and in real-time. All enabled with controlled access, an intuitive interface and impressive bespoke report building.

What’s good?

  • Better engage with clients, showing you truly understand their people and offer relevant / timely benefits and trend information
  • BLAZE provides you with a scalable platform for clients now and in the future
  • With BLAZE your corporate adviser team can turn insights into sales actions through powerful visuals and reports

What’s great?

  • The value you can add to your clients with real time data for both their scheme and other employers’, is priceless
  • Reporting on benefit take up levels along with engagement will help showcase your effectiveness and that of the platform
  • Build a full portfolio view of multiple clients to understand industry or demographic trends, not just company-wide
  • Plug gaps in areas not doing so well and reap the reward of up-selling what is working, producing significant ROIs in no time

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