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Go digital. 
Get ahead.

It’s simple. If you provide employee benefits, you won’t find a more powerful piece of subscription-based software than BEAM at WorkTM.

BEAM at WorkTM is the digital employee benefits solution for advisors, intermediaries and consultants. It’s the trusted solution to showcase, manage and report on employee benefits – all whilst delivering a great employee experience.

Frustrated by the clunky, outdated and expensive technology available to you? So were we, so we set about developing a flexible, modern, cloud-based alternative that truly delivers the experience which you, and your clients, deserve.

The benefits of BEAM at Work

BEAM is a digital dashboard created for Employee Benefit Consultants, intermediaries, advisers
– anyone who designs and delivers pension, health and risk packages to the HR world.

Product features

Whether you’re working with the biggest global brands or the smallest of SMEs, 
here’s how BEAM at WorkTM can help you become a truly modern EBC:

Create online benefit portfolios and offerings quickly and easily, all managed in an intuitive broker hub.

Access client data that would normally take hours to collect and interrogate.

Increase employee benefit interaction and encourage policy upgrades through the smart software.

Help your clients develop pro-active communications with our tools, ensuring maximum employee engagement with their digital benefits.

Let your clients embrace their benefits in a digital fashion as they deserve! Simple administration for Advisors, Employers and Employees makes BEAM at WorkTM a breath of fresh air


Full support

We understand the challenge to ‘go digital’ and change your business model.
We will support you at each step on the journey and provide you with the tool kits and support for each stage.

Step 1

Go digital.

Embrace the platform and all it offers; seamlessly gathering your clients’ policies and benefits in one place – streamlining the admin.

Step 2

Create a powerful
personal brand

Harness easy-to-collate data to create true value and insight for your clients – sharing it using our handy communication tools.

Step 3

Achieve business

Become the advisor of the future, offering unbeatable product packages, and confidently supporting your clients to have all-digital processes and policies.

Book a demo

Get in touch and we’ll take you 
on a tour of BEAM

We chose Cloud8 because of the simple, templated approach offered by the system. The platform is intuitive, engaging and secure – everything we need for our clients.
Stephanie Windsor,
Partner - One Pension Consultancy
Cloud8 has a fantastic, modern, proven, cloud-based employee benefits platform which is now available to EBCs on a licence basis.
Ian Rummels,
CEO - Cloud8
In a world where a digital presence is no longer a want, but a need, a platform like BEAM makes this a reality.
Simply Health,
Partner Provider